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Kettlebell Training – Patience pays, Fitness is not quick fix!

How fast you need the results? Why?

In general when you start any fitness program, members expect the results to come at faster pace, however the results which have come at fast pace, drops quickly too. The most important and toughest part in fitness training is to maintain the conditioning for which I say “Train in consistency”.

Patience, Perseverance and time:

You cannot rush into strength & conditioning training with Kettlebells. You need to have patience, consistency & dedication. You can hope to meet a deadline, but it doesn’t always work that way. Strength that is developed correctly and strength that is built is slower pace stays for long time. PR’s (personal records) are important, how many PRs you have in a month? Do you set targets for PR or do you just train without goal? In my training patterns during 4 months before the competition, I have 2-3 PRs in a month which decides if my training is on right path or need something else. Your PR can be goal orientated; it can be push up PR done in 1 min.

In Kettlebell training if you push hard for results the results will be negative, kettlebell lifting is cyclic in nature, our heart is not conditioned unless the correct training methodologies are implemented to adapt the stress and register in CNS. Start slow, start with light weight and slowly progress to desired results.

Kettlebell training multiplies your power output.

Since dynamic kettlebell lifts such as the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk cannot be performed slowly, they develop a special quality known as power-endurance, or your ability to produce movements over an extended period of time. This differs from strength-endurance. Strength- endurance is your ability to produce force over an extended period of time. Power-endurance adds another “time” component; power-endurance is your ability to sustain fast muscular contractions over an extended period of time. Power-endurance training is also an excellent way to training for fat loss and conditioning.

Training cycles, methods, patience and aggression:

My call on Kettlebell training would be whatever age you start the training, work on foundation first. Multi-joint Kettlebell movements are not easily absorbed; the centrifugal force produce by Kettlebell swing has several benefits. When you plan to start the training ensure you have basic flexibility – endurance – strength at right place, in that order specifically for Kettlebell training. If you are not flexible first ensure you can stretch, do yoga the right way. You need to run run & run, develop the endurance for first couple of weeks, months. Working on strength is very important. Do you do 100 non-stop squats in 5 mins? Can you push up 30 times or even do 10 pull ups? First get basics right before starting lifting of Kettlebells and expecting the results to come.

Training with dumbbells is primarily single plane static movements; there is no comparison as both are different tools.

Your training cycles even before you start lifting Kettlebells should be first to achieve the target of being flexible, get right endurance, strength needed to perform the dynamic lifting.

If you are patient enough to get results slowly, those are sustained for long time. Ensure 3 trainings per week is not a miss so the conditioning doesn’t drop.

If you are aggressive towards the goal of achieving the results with Kettlebells, you will probably fail and never get the desired results.

Having logs of training, maintaining the training methods with correct form, writing down the heart rates after every workout is the correct discipline for any training.

EKFA Kettlebell training workshops are with scientific approach. The workshops cover’s the approach towards special population, general fitness and sports athletes in all different ways.

If you want the corrective approach by adding spice to training, add booster to your lifts, workshop with EKFA is must.

Be Kettlebell Strong!

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