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Why Do You Choose Competition Grade Kettlebells?

Kettlebells have become a popular and versatile tool for strength and conditioning training. When deciding between competition kettlebells and training kettlebells, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure you choose the right option for your specific needs. Competition grade kettlebells are meticulously designed to maintain consistent dimensions regardless of their weight, which ensures uniform technique and performance for athletes of all levels. These kettlebells are ideal for serious lifters and competitive athletes who require precision and reliability in their training. In contrast, training kettlebells may vary in size and shape with weight, making them suitable for general fitness and recreational use.

This guide will walk you through the design differences, use cases, and what to look for when selecting the ideal kettlebell for your training needs. If you are a fitness coach, calmly go through each point before you make any decision to buy kettlebells. Understanding the unique features of competition grade kettlebells can help you make an informed choice, enhancing your training regimen and achieving optimal results.

Why Choose EKFA Competition Grade Kettlebells?

It’s been over a decade we are selling competition grade Kettlebells, earlier we used to import but in 2020 post pandemic we decided to manufacture the competition grade Kettlebells in India. Officially we are the first in India to make competition grade Kettlebells as required for training and competitions. EKFA Kettlebells are used in WKSF Asia Oceania Championships 2023 & 11 National Competitions in India. Amateur to professional athletes have used EKFA Kettlebells and produced high results for themselves. Indian made Competition grade Kettlebells are engineered to perfection with a 33 mm diameter handle as required in International Competitions.Benefits of using Competition grade Kettlebells.

  • Common cannon ball & handle size from 8kg upto 32kg size for smooth transitions between weights.

  • Textured surface handle compared to other competition kettlebells, which will save your hands doing longer sets or high-volume training.

  • Kettlebells used for kettlebell sport competitions

How Important Is Kettlebell Handle Design?

fig (1)

If you are not having an appropriate abrasive handle of Kettlebell, chances are that you will not be able to progress in training due to shiny/ slippery handles.You just cannot add chalk on shinny Kettlebells, it’s just impossible & those Kettlebells slip from the hand when you train with them.Most Kettlebells available on Amazon are China made and most of them import low quality Kettlebells which are designed poorly. Students do not know or are unaware and after they place order they realize they have made a mistake. Being pioneers of Kettlebell training in India we ensure that students / lifters or fitness enthusiasts buy appropriate Kettlebells.

fig (1)

fig (2)

There is a process to apply chalk to Kettlebells so that the chalk stays with the handle for some time during lifting. Generally for 30 minute or 60 minute marathon lifts we can use chalk multiple times but for 10 min classic it is applied only once before lift. So selection of Kettlebell is extremely important for students as everything depends on the handle.

Please check out important videos on how you can apply chalk to Kettlebells

Why Bottom Hollow ?

Competition grade Kettlebells are bottom hollow Kettlebells and generally the bottom is plate welded. At EKFA we have not welded the plate as its single cast Kettlebell with no moving parts.The main advantage of no moving part is no maintenance, Welding of plate is done with China make Kettlebells & due to poor casting finish the parts come out and make a hustling sound inside the Kettlebell. As we maintain the weight in tolerance of -200/+200 gms the loose parts are not present which gives an advantage for lifters with unique design and very low maintenance.