Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy


Parag Mhetre

Head Coach & Kettlebell Sport Athlete

TEDx Speaker Parag is the first person to introduce Kettlebell training & Kettlebell Sport in India (2011), Mechanical Engineer turned strength and conditioning coach, Parag left his lucrative job working in US to start EKFA. Parag with his team has pioneered Kettlebell training in India in the past decade. Driven by passion for coaching, travelling and competing on International level, Parag has trained thousands of trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and sports athletes by teaching on most of the weekends in the past 10 years. Parag has also taught workshops in the UK, Srilanka & Singapore, Nepal as an International presence. Parag is multiple times Asian champion & has bagged Gold medal for India at various World Championships. He has represented India in over 10+ countries making the country proud by winning medals.
He has organized over 60+ state competitions, 10 Nationals Kettlebell Championships under GSIF – Girevoy Sport India Federation in all major cities of India. GSIF is affiliated with WKSF – World Kettlebell Sport Federation. Parag is also executive committee member, anti-doping commission and technical commission with WKSF.


Dr Kavita Choudhari

Master Trainer - Maharashtra State

Dr Kavita is ENT Surgeon who is also a passionate Kettlebell lifter. She is based in Pune and runs her own ENT clinic in the city. Kavita learned Kettlebells in 2015 and thereafter she took this learning for herself by taking personal training. In 2018 she pursued the MT program and started teaching Kettlebells to trainers. Kavita played Asian championships and also WKSF World Championships in Ireland in 2019. She is one of the first women in India to complete a 16kg full set of long cycle and hit 96 reps in the Maharashtra State event in 2019. It is always a fresh experience to learn Kettlebells from Dr Kavita due to her wide experience. 


Devimeena Sundaram

Master Trainer - Tamil Nadu State

Devimeena is based out of Chennai and is leading coach for EKFA in Tamil Nadu state. After working in Singapore she moved to Chennai with her husband. She is a celebrity trainer and has trained many Bollywood celebs including lead actress Tamannah & politicians from Chennai. Devi is Masters in Sports Physiology from Harvard University and she brings in the best skill to teach L1 Kettlebell Workshop.
Devi represented India in Asian Championships a few years ago in Malaysia and was named Best Lifter for Snatch event. We are proud to bring her knowledge base to EKFA to help coaches carve the path for future careers.


Angshuman Dutta

Master Trainer - North East of India

Angshuman is based out of Guwahati in Assam and is leading coach for EKFA in north east of India. Angshuman owns Transformers fitness academy which is also conducting personal training courses in Assam. His diverse knowledge brings in best updated information to EKFA and coaches in north east of India. Angshuman has the biggest Kettlebell sport team from Assam as he conducted very regular Kettlebell sport competition under the aegis of KFA – Kettlebell Fitness Association. 
Angshuman has played various Kettlebell sport competitions in India getting Gold medals at National Competitions, he helped his athletes train and propel in the sport. In 2023 his team lifted the best team award at GSIF National Kettlebell Sport competition held in Pune.



Vishwas Jamadagni

Master Trainer - Karnataka State

Vishwas is based in Garden city- Bangalore. Before shouldering the responsibility of EKFA Master trainer, he was working as an IT professional. He took the L1 course in Bangalore in 2016 and then later he pursued the MT program with EKFA. Chess player Vishwas is also called as Prof of Kettlebell because of his inquisitive interest in learning and asking the right questions. He has lifted Kettlebells for India in Taiwan in 2019 and takes the responsibility of the Judging panel in GSIF – Girevoy Sport India Federation. Learning Kettlebells from Vishwas is always a new experience for the coaches in Karnataka as they could deeply understand the usage of tools to apply in day to day living. Vishwas has lifted several times in National competitions held in Pune and Mumbai in the past 4 years.


Nikhil Gaba

Leader - Delhi NCR

Nikhil is based out of Gurugram and owns a club in the city. Nikhil was a Zumba instructor before he did his Kettlebell L1 Certification in 2018. Since then its no looking back as Nikhil went on to participate in National Competitions in Mumbai for 3 years in a row and to win a Gold medal for his state. He takes EKFA Workshops in Delhi NCR and teaches Kettlebells for his PT members. After compiling so much experience he will soon start taking L1 certification workshops in his city.

Kavita Ekfa

Kavita G

Leader - Mumbai City

Kavita is based in a dream city Mumbai and hails from hospitality industry. She has a huge experience in customer care and hospitality background which she brings in to EKFA. She has participated in several National and Asian competitions out of which 2023 was special as she won a Gold medal (Pune Nationals). She has a dream to lift for India at World Championships. Kavita is soon- to- be a Master Trainer for Mumbai Zone and she also extends her support for EKFA’s backend online operations. 

Indrani Tapati

Indrani Tapati

Course Coordinator & Consultant

Indrani hails from Guwahati but is based in Pune. She is a trained martial arts expert and Kettlebell training coach. After completion of L2 Kettlebell Sport program she started competing in various competitions which include Assam Open State event, 10th National Kettlebell Championships in Pune & 11th National Kettlebell Championships in Gurugram, getting medals for her state.
She aspires to lift in World Championships in future. Soft spoken Indrani is managing the State of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana & Delhi NCR as lead coordinator for EKFA Courses.


Arjun Ghose

Course Coordinator- South India

Arjun is based in Mumbai and he manages the state of Karnataka & Tamil Nadu for course coordination. Arjun holds a good grip on communication and is passionate about accounts & hospitality. His presence is helping EKFA in multifold and we look forward to his association to grow in providing the best service as we can in the south of India region.