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Live with Passion, Train with Passion TEDx talk by Parag Mhetre

Parag Mhetre was appointed as FIT India Ambassador by the Sports Authority of India. Parag is also working as General Secretary for GSIF - Girevoy Sport India Federation affiliated with WKSF to develop Kettlebell Sport and athletes in India.


Common mistakes of Kettlebell Swing

April 3 , 2021

In recent years we have seen lots of gyms getting equipped with various cross-fit equipment’s, majorly having Kettlebell workouts as interim part of the training. In the course of training we land up doing wrong exercise sometimes and it can lead to long term injury.


Mental Preparation & Expectations for Competitions

March 6 , 2021

Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport (GS), is a highly challenging power-endurance feat of a cyclical nature. Lifters success involves technique, flexibility, strength and power, proper breathing patterns, aerobic capacity, stability and mental focus.



The Importance for Kettlebell sporting gear

Feb 2 , 2021

As Kettlebell sport grows in India, more and more athletes are not getting ready for various state, national and international competitions. It is utmost important to understand the attire for peak performance. We at EKFA have always shared best information to athletes, that’s why they perform best in competitions are perform consistently well.


Kettlebells For Kids

December 4 , 2021

Kettlebells are primarily as endurance activity which is safe for children when done under a certified Kettlebells trainer’s supervision. 

Kettlebells are strength training activity may be undertaken to improve sports performance , rehabilitation prevent injuries, and / or enhance long term health 


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