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Coach Parag Mhetre is Mechanical Engineer turned Strength & Conditioning coach. At the start of his career Parag started working in USA, that’s were he got exposed to Kettlebell for the first time. Following his passion Parag quit the lucrative job and studied Kettlebell training in Chicago in 2011.
Since then within India he has completed taking over 400 workshops which is one of the unique achievements in the field of fitness in the World. Apart from that he has been competing regularly in Asian & World Championships since 2013 until today. He has visited 20+ countries and his last visit was at WKSF World Kettlebell Championships in Hungary (June 2023).
Parag is executive committee member, technical commission & antidoping commission with WKSF – World Kettlebell Sport Federation. He has huge experience when it comes to Kettlebell coaching as his clients are from all over the World.

Past International Workshops

EKFA International is Initiate of parent company EKFA Kettlebells based in Pune, India and conducts the Kettlebell workshops in various countries. Since 2011 we have conducted 400+ workshops across India and successfully conducted 2 day, 3 day or one week workshops in London, UK, Colombo, Srilanka & Singapore.

Basildon, London UK Workshop

Coach Parag was invited to conduct an intensive one-week Kettlebell program at Basildon Sporting Club, located in the picturesque city of Basildon, UK. The program aimed to empower participants with comprehensive kettlebell techniques and functional training methods.
During the workshop, Coach Parag guided attendees through a dynamic blend of strength and conditioning exercises, allowing them to unlock their full physical potential. Participants not only learned the fundamentals of kettlebell training but also gained valuable insights into the science behind functional movement patterns.
The Basildon workshop received widespread acclaim from the participants, who appreciated the challenging yet rewarding experience. Many expressed their satisfaction with the personalized attention they received, which enabled them to make significant progress in their fitness journey.

Colombo, Sri Lanka Workshop

High Octane, the largest gym in Colombo, Sri Lanka, hosted the L1 Kettlebell Certification Workshop, led by the renowned Coach Parag. Fitness enthusiasts and trainers from various fitness centers across Colombo eagerly attended the two-day certification program.
The workshop encompassed a comprehensive curriculum that covered kettlebell fundamentals, advanced techniques, safety protocols, and exercise programming. Coach Parag’s expert guidance and hands-on approach allowed the participants to master kettlebell movements effectively.
Darin Weerasinghe, the owner of High Octane, expressed his gratitude for the impactful workshop. He praised the exceptional content and teaching methodology, which he believes will elevate the standard of kettlebell training in Colombo’s fitness community.

Upcoming International Workshops

Kathmandu, Nepal

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What Can You Expect From Workshop With Parag?

Coach Parag is expert in engaging audiences, most important he doesn’t just speak about Kettlebell training like other coaches, he pickups the subject from mindset perspective, entering in your shoe and making you understand how Kettlebell training can help you grow you and your business first. How to implement training to your clients (with any background). Every step by step he will explain you the process of learning Kettlebells. Application of strength training & cardiovascular training for Kettlebells, foundation development programs. All major theory which you will most likely hear for the first time as there are very few coaches in the World who will explain your congruence of mind and body for growth. His start of lecture is for more than hour. It is motivational and inspiring.

Coach Parag is consistently training for 3 decades – martial arts to being Mechanical engineer, he is competing since 1999. Earlier Martial arts (Karate) and now Kettlebell Sport. He has represented India to Holland an Germany in 1999 & 2000. You will find very rare coach who is consistently training and evolving at his age. He has been constantly trying various nutrition programs for himself and his clients. How to perform peak when you are Vegan or Vegetarian, what are the most important supplements when to start, when to stop and how to use it effectively for your performance in sports and fitness. Parag holds Worlds best 30 min marathon Kettlebell sport lift at IKMF World Championships in Poland (2019). He lifted 2x16kg for 30 minutes for 272 reps at 68kg body weight. He has several other accolades at various competitions which also involves Silver Medal at Dutch Open Karate Championships & Bronze Medal at World Karate championships in Germany even before his start of sports career. He will be the right person to ask and grow your performance in sport. The 2-day workshop will help change your complete perspective & mindset towards sports and fitness and you are just step away to host in your city / country.

10% growth rule by Parag Mhetre

Review From TEDx talk Given By Parag

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EKFA International Workshops FAQ'S

How much time is the Workshop?

Kettlebell L1 Workshop starts at 10.30am and ends at 5.30pm. We have lunch break for 30 minutes. The program is for 2 days.

How long is Functional training Workshop?

Functional training workshops is for 1 day, time is 10.30am until 6pm

How many students are required to host the workshop?

We typically look for 12-15 students in one batch, we try to keep batch size packed with students, just because we want to deliver high and quality content for each student.

Can we have Online batch with Parag?

Yes, the Online batch is very much feasible, provided students have Kettlebell equipment.

How much time is required to plan a International Workshop?

It all depends on the city/ country. Typically, 2 months is good enough to plan.

How long is the certificate Valid?

The certificate is valid for 3 years and you can renew the certificate with a practical exam once it is expired.

What does Parag offer that others don’t, why should I sign him?

Parag Mhetre is a pioneer in the field of Kettlebell training in India. He has developed his own system of training mind and body and he is self-coaches with 100’s of hours of research in the field of Fitness and strength and conditioning. Working in corporate life in the USA and extensive travel in 20 states and several countries for teaching Kettlebells & strength and conditioning he is accountable for every important decision he makes for his clients when it comes to training. Parag has clients in the USA, East Africa, Dubai, Mumbai, and various locations and from all walks of life. He teaches you to be laser-focused on your fitness and the strategy which he implements is very unique and 100% result-orientated.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to /