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Welcome to Parag Mehtre’s EKFA, where passion meets purpose and fitness becomes a way of life. Our student reviews speak volumes about the impact of our training and coaching. Over the last decade, we have maintained a perfect track record with no negative or even 4-star ratings. Our academy stands tall with a stellar 5-star rating for all workshops conducted in India and worldwide. Join us on an exhilarating journey of transformation as we share inspiring stories from students whose lives have been enriched by our training programs. Embrace the power of Kettlebell coaching and unlock your potential to achieve new heights in fitness and athleticism.

What do our Students Say about Our Workshops?

Raving Reviews from Our Satisfied Students

Our academy has left an indelible mark on students hailing from diverse cities like Indore, Navi Mumbai, Mangalore, South Mumbai, Nepal, Gurugram, Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Guwahati, Shillong, and Pune. Delve into their experiences as they express profound gratitude for the technical expertise and comprehensive coaching received from Parag Mehtre.

We had Parag from India to UK for Kettlebell session and it was one of the great experience of learning Kettlebells from him. He was also heading to Germany for Kettlebell World Championships during his visit. I recommend his programs, personal trainings and Kettlebell training to fitness enthusiast and coaches.
Scotty PT
London, UK
I Am very happy to do the course and I came to the course because multiple people, gym owners and fitness academy suggested me to do the course with EKFA. Thank you for the guidance.
Shubam Kumar
I did the course because I wanted to add variations to my clients, I learnt a lot from Parag sir, the technical information was great with why and how to add the programs in current workout programs. Thank you.
I came to the course because Parag sir was a guest lecturer in DY Patil University, I got inspired to take the course and it was a great decision as I learnt a lot. Workshop was great and a great lecture. Thank you.
Jaine Gutka
Navi Mumbai
This is awesome training, it will endure you and is very good for endurance training. Different kinds of workout, all trainers should do this from EKFA academy only, lot of learning and great experience.
Abdullah Khan
South Mumbai
This is a very technical course, you feel that doing Kettlebell is just like lifting it, but it's very technical and Parag sir made it very simple. Every trainer should do the course and learn from the best and expert. Thank you to help me in career development.
Bandup, Mumbai
It was an amazing experience for me to come down from Nepal and learn Kettlebells and Kettlebell sport with Parag at EKFA. It is a very big thing abroad and slowly catching up in India, all credit goes to Parag sir and his team to spread the sport in India. I am very lucky to be part of the tribe to learn from Parag and now I will teach my members in Nepal.
Akash Gurang
It is not just the way he teaches, it is more than that. He tries to gives as much as he can, If you attend his classes, you will not only gain knowledge in terms of Kettlebells, but nutrition, sales, psychology business almost everything he shares which helps a personal coach to develop his business. I would highly recommend to join
Nidhir Bhargava
I thought this would be very easy, Iam completely wrong, iam competitive powerlifter and the Kettlebell movement was tough for me. You need good flexibility and cardio, when you lift Kettlebells you will come to know what is fitness. I felt that. All thanks to Parag sir for his simple teaching. I will start implementing the Kettlebell workouts for my clients.
Anmol Bhatia
I am a cricket coach with MCA- Meghalaya Cricket Association. Functional Training workshop with Parag sir and EKFA team has helped me understand movement and mobility to much greater depths. It is very much useful for my students to teach them mobility which will help them recover and move faster on ground. Thank you sir for valuable inputs.
Nitesh Kumar
Shillong, Meghalaya
I traveled all the way from Bangalore just to do the course, what I expected and what I got from the course was too much. I learnt a lot from the basics to advance. It was a perfectly designed course. It is one of the best programs in India. Highly recommended to all personal trainers and coaches to join EKFA.
Sanjay Kumar
I would say this is the best experience for me to complete both the Functional training & mobility workshop and Kettlebell L1 technical course under Master Devi. I had the best experience from both coaches and recommend this to all physios and personal trainers.
Dr Radhika Bharat
Iam physiotherapist and attended a functional training course by Parag sir. Being Physio it is very important for our profession to understand workout programs, various trainings, rehab needed for clients. Parag has covered everything very much technical used for personal trainers and the special population. Must do and recommended course for all physios.
Dr Nisha Yadav
I have completed L1 Kettlebell course under Master trainer Angshuman Dutta & L2 Kettlebell Course & Functional training workshop with Parag sir. I had good experience with both coaches and a lot of theory and practical was taken which can be useful for me in my PT sessions. I recommend the courses to my friends in Guwahati and north east.
Indrani Tapati
Guwahati, Assam