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How Can Private Coaching Benefit Me?

Parag Mhetre’s Results oriented Private Coaching (1:1 Online) is a unique blend of fitness and life coaching taken for 100% results with a proven track record. You will interact with Parag for 3 times a week for training and results.
Over a decade of teaching experience, Parag’s direct approach to problems has solved the Fitness and Mindset issues of many members. Many a time we get stuck in getting results and the solution is just 2 mm away but we are not able to see it. Some minor shifts in thinking and approach will help reset the goal and mindset to achieve the desired results. Parag’s private program will help you achieve the results sooner than you believe.
Your coach will become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best. You can work with a fitness coach who will stay in contact with you throughout the duration of your goal. Check-in via phone or email and feel connected to someone who can objectively offer impactful advice as you implement your fitness growth plan (FGP)

How Do Private Coaching Programs Work?

We recommend that you work with a Fitness coach for a minimum of one year. This will ensure you build a trusting relationship and have time to work through any other inner blocks that are holding you back. Before we start the session, we identify barriers and set challenging goals. You will then go through the following steps with your fitness coach. It’s a 3-step process before we set goals and start achieving them. Remember it’s not just fitness, it’s the shift in patterns of your thinking about fitness or anything similar. We will identify step by step what are things stopping you from achieving your goals.

Ready to dive in to understand more about it??

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What Can You Expect from Coaching?

Private coaching is the ultimate choice for the cost you pay. The majority of coaches use the same strategies to help an individual to achieve the goals for fitness or losing weight etc. The best coach will have a well-developed perception of the challenges you are facing, diagnose them in the best possible way, and find the solution. If you are open to sharing the challenges you face, lift, or fitness with the FGP plan and private coaching with Parag you can expect to exceed the expectations.

With a decade of training experience in the field of fitness and for a couple of years Parag is slowly mastering the art of psychology. The blending of fitness results and psychology is the unique blend you will come across to help overcome not only your fitness challenges but your mental blocks, clarity with vision, and perfect mental and physical well-being.
In a few sessions of counseling, Parag will be able to trace where you are in your fitness journey and will be able to track the path and create a blueprint for you that will help you overcome the emotional, and physical challenges if any. To the extent, Coach Parag has helped many to analyze and overcome the failures in business and created sales plans to double or even triple their income.

How Can You Stay Ahead & Walk The Talk?

FGP is not just fitness training, its system designed by coach Parag helping you stay ahead and on the toes in your field. The World has become competitive and challenging to stay active and cruise ahead. Work, family or personal health related stress is slow killer and the FGP program can help you get out of negative spiral and boost your efficiency of work.

How do you know you are on negative spiral?

Based on several years of experience of training, talking to people and immense traveling Parag is expert in the field of self-analysis of getting into the mind and evaluate problem areas- not just fitness goals, but life goals, career goals. The FGP will create a pathway and help you stay top in the game.
Just to give you an idea- Coach Parag started off teaching Kettlebells in India when no one knew about it. It was dead equipment and hardly anyone picked up for fitness. From the scratch and to give existence and build a team across India training thousands of coaches, traveling across length and breadth of India and 3 countries just for coaching on almost all weekends is a massive success story. All these learnings coach Parag has amalgamated in FGP to bring to you under FGP plan.

Review From TEDx talk Given By Parag

Your fitness coach is not just a coach who will understand what you say, but more importantly he will also understand what you don’t say. If you have got baggage of stress related to fitness, injury or anything for that sort it’s time to hire expert and help you become FREE. The coaching process will help you grow everyday- practically. If you are successful business man or may be CEO of any company, we understand the stress you carry and with mind blocks you develop, say its physiological or psychological stress, you will never be able to see yourself when you are in frame- You will need expert advice.
Don’t wait one more day to take the decision to join FGP program, you are just one step away for unstoppable success.

Private Fitness Coaching FAQ'S

What Goals Can Fitness Coaching help with?

Fitness private coaching with Parag is a Fitness Life coaching session, it will not only define your fitness goals but it will cater to life coaching goals with fitness as an interim part. It will help you clarify your goals and vision and chart a course toward a more proactive path. At times we have issues in creating actionable plan and projection and we are stuck and do not know the unknown. For example – losing 6kgs of weight can’t be only the goal – this limiting belief if you have – then you are stuck with that belief system.
Finally, for those who are ready to take a leap and take a new challenge, step out of their comfort zone, and expand- Private coaching is for you!

How long can be private coaching?

Well, every person has different goals and aspirations when it comes to fitness. The coaching with the best results is for at least 12 months, if you can afford it- you can continue coaching for the rest of your life or a minimum of 3 years.

Once you understand the pattern of thinking and training, it becomes a habit, like a second nature and you should be able to go ahead and train yourself for peak performance by yourself- it’s all valuable information from a coach to a student given in the training time.


What does Parag offer that others don’t, why should I sign him?

Parag Mhetre is a pioneer in the field of Kettlebell training in India. He has developed his own system of training mind and body and he is a self-coach with 100’s of hours of research in the field of Fitness and strength and conditioning. Working in corporate life in the USA and intensive travel in 20 states and 3 countries to teach Kettlebells & and strength and conditioning he is accountable for every important decision he makes for his clients when it comes to training. Parag has clients in the USA, East Africa, Dubai, Mumbai, and various locations and from all walks of life. He teaches you to be laser focus in your fitness and the strategy that he implements is unique and 100% result-orientated.

How does the system work? How do I sign up?

To start with, you will have a 15-minute call session with Parag directly. During the call most important you will understand/ identify the problem areas and what’s stopping you. After getting the vision clear and the path set, you will sign up for Parag’s private sessions for time decided and start the training. You will get an Email from us signing up for the program.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email on