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Coach Parag Mhetre - A Decade of Representing India in Kettlebell Sport

Coach Parag Mhetre has been a formidable force in the world of Kettlebell Sport, representing India on national and international stages for the past 10 years. His passion and dedication to this unique sport have not only garnered him recognition but have also helped in the promotion and development of Kettlebell Sport across India.

Promoting Kettlebell Sport Across India

Through his relentless efforts, Coach Parag Mhetre has played a crucial role in promoting Kettlebell Sport across India. As a pioneer in the field, Coach Parag Mhetre is actively promoting Kettlebell Sport while also nurturing athletes for participation at the State, National, and International levels through GSIF – Girevoy Sport India Federation, an organization dedicated to fostering athletes and talents in Kettlebell Sport. GSIF provides comprehensive information about the sport and updates on various events through their official website,

Empowering Athletes for State, National, and International Competitions

One of Coach Parag Mhetre’s key objectives has been to develop and empower athletes to compete not only at the state and national levels but also on the international stage. His coaching prowess and mentorship have nurtured promising athletes from different states, elevating the standards of Kettlebell Sport in India.

Featured in Leading Media Outlets

Coach Parag Mhetre’s relentless commitment and achievements in Kettlebell Sport have garnered significant attention from the media. He and his team have been featured in various prestigious newspapers and channels, recognizing their exceptional work and contributions to the sport.

Featured in Leading Media Outlets