Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy

The book is first of its kind in India, reveling the fitness training methods from Russia. Book will have basic fitness training methods with Kettlebells and brief information about Kettlebell sport is national sport of Russia which is slowly getting popular in India. Author Parag Mhetre is first Indian who has introduced Kettlebells in India in 2011 and been promoting Kettlebells through series of workshops conducting PAN India. Book will also showcase some pictures along related with articles, some programs to be followed, detail information about science involved behind Kettlebells, its history, journey to Europe, Americas and lately in India. It will also give information about how a person can get started with Kettlebell lifting without any back ground and slowly progress to professional level by his own or little guidance. Book can update the general fitness knowledge which can help reader to take more interest in his or her fitness, so that he takes up the fitness activity, lift kettlebells and eventually if interested be a athlete for his rest of life.

Amazon 5 Star Rating