Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy

About Us

Founded in 2011 and Headquartered out of Pune, India’s Pioneer School of Kettlebell- EKFA was founded by Parag Mhetre with a vision to teach Kettlebell training and inspire people to take up the Kettlebell Sport as a career. Completing formal education in Chicago- USA, Parag is the first person to introduce full fledged Kettlebell training & Kettlebell Sport in India. Every course offered by the academy is conceptualized through in-depth and scientific research and is crafted to cater fitness trainers, coaches, physiotherapists and sports coaches.
At EKFA we have ensured to give you an immersive learning experience with our huge experience of our various master trainers from different backgrounds. Our master trainers also graduate from Harvard University which can shape a trainers career and help them see the vision for themselves.
EKFA Courses are also available online in video based format as we were able to quickly adapt to the new platform post COVID (Since Apr 2020)

Our Core Ideology

To provide premium education in the field of Kettlebells & Functional training & empower people to take control of their future of fitness training.


Popularising Kettlebell Sport only by implementing correct strategies, framework for athletes. To impart scientific training & best programming for fitness trainers, coaches which consist of correct form & technique which will enable them to give best and consistent results for their clients..


To influence, motivate & impact 10,000 individuals in the next 5 years & build the largest community of Kettlebell training.

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