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Empowering Students - EKFA's Fitness Mission

At EKFA, we are trailblazers in bringing Kettlebell fitness wellness sessions to schools and colleges across India. Our mission is to raise awareness about the effectiveness of Kettlebell training, not only for physical fitness but also for fostering mental strength in children and students. By introducing Kettlebells into educational institutions, we aim to instill a culture of fitness, sports, and discipline, empowering students to align their academic pursuits with a healthy and active lifestyle. Led by Coach Parag Mhetre, our expert team is dedicated to providing motivational workshops and lectures that inspire students to embrace the power of Kettlebell training.

Why Choose Kettlebell Training?

As students navigate through the critical years of study, they often fall into bad habits, waste time on gadgets, and neglect their physical well-being. At EKFA, our mission is to break this pattern by introducing Kettlebells in schools and colleges. We are focused on instilling a culture of fitness, sports, tradition, and discipline among students. With just 30 minutes of daily Kettlebell training, students can seamlessly align their academic pursuits with a healthier lifestyle, ensuring they stay physically and mentally fit. This holistic approach empowers them to stay focused, motivated, and resilient throughout their educational journey. By embracing Kettlebell fitness, students can excel academically while developing a lifelong commitment to their overall well-being.

Coach Parag Mhetre: Expert in Mindful Fitness

Meet Coach Parag Mhetre, the remarkable Mechanical Engineer turned Strength & Conditioning coach, driven by an unwavering passion for Kettlebell training. His dedication to this transformative fitness approach led him to bid farewell to a lucrative engineering career in the USA and pursue in-depth Kettlebell studies in Chicago back in 2011. With an illustrious journey since then, Coach Parag has conducted over 400 workshops, positioning him as a truly unique achiever in the realm of fitness. His exceptional expertise and experience have earned him recognition and admiration in the fitness world, inspiring countless individuals to embrace the power of Kettlebell training for achieving their fitness goals.

Watch Short Clip Of Seminar Conducted by Parag in Suryadutta School Of Management

What Can You Expect From Our Workshop?

When you attend our workshop at EKFA Schools & Colleges, get ready for an immersive and captivating experience led by the expert Coach Parag. Beyond being an authority on Kettlebell training, he goes beyond the surface, connecting with audiences through a fitness mindset. With vast teaching experience, Coach Parag has nurtured young students aged 7 to 15, providing them with the knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness. Moreover, he’s actively engaged in training college students at his club in Baner Pune, specializing in sport-specific fitness. Our FREE 45-minute power lecture, tailored for your college or university, is an invaluable opportunity to explore how Kettlebell training or sports can seamlessly fit into your routine. Imagine having a set of Kettlebells on your school or campus, encouraging sports teachers to engage students in invigorating fitness and sports activities. Furthermore, we take pride in developing Kettlebell Sport athletes, empowering students to compete at State, National, or even International levels in this thrilling discipline.
During our workshop, you can expect an interactive and enlightening session that incorporates demonstrations, slide presentations, and engaging lectures. Coach Parag passionately imparts his extensive knowledge to help you understand the holistic concept of Kettlebell training. As the session unfolds, you’ll learn how Kettlebell exercises can seamlessly align with your daily routines, allowing you to strike a perfect balance between academics and physical fitness. Our mission goes beyond mere exercise; we strive to cultivate a fitness and sports culture within your school or college. This inclusive approach fosters teamwork, discipline, and camaraderie among students, making fitness an enjoyable and rewarding journey for everyone.

How Can I Sign Up For A Seminar?

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EKFA School/College Workshop/ Seminars FAQ'S

How much time is the Workshop?

Total time of the workshop is 45 mins and the Q&A is 15 mins. You can consider 1 hour of FREE demo & workshop.

How many members are required to attend the workshop?

It depends on the strength of the students; we usually conduct it for the masses. It can be 50-500. The lecture is for the masses, it’s motivational and understanding the concept of training with Kettlebells.

Can we have an Online Corporate training program?

Yes, it’s feasible. You can get in touch with us for the same.

Do we have to arrange Kettlebells for the lecture?

NO! EKFA will arrange the equipment, however, if you have some equipment, it will help us.

What will happen after 1 hour of lecture?

We can conduct regular Kettlebell batches within your campus or you can sign up the online video-based programs. If more serious about programs we can train 10 members of your organization for sports-specific development and slowly develop the Kettlebell Sports culture.

What does Parag offer that others don’t, why should I sign him?

Parag Mhetre is a pioneer in the field of Kettlebell training in India. He has developed his own system of training mind and body and he is self-coached with 100’s of hours of research in the field of Fitness and strength and conditioning. Working in corporate life in the USA and intensive travel in 20 states and several countries for teaching Kettlebells & strength and conditioning he is accountable for every important decision he makes for his clients when it comes to training & lectures. Parag has clients in the USA, East Africa, Dubai, Mumbai, and various locations and from all walks of life. He teaches you to be laser-focused in your fitness and the strategy which he implements is very unique and 100% result-orientated. He has visited 20+ countries for sports and learning, his incites will help you carve the path for students and develop the fitness and sports culture.

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