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About EKFA Corporate

EKFA is India’s first organization to start corporate Kettlebell fitness wellness sessions in multinational companies. The idea behind starting the Kettlebell fitness session was to create awareness of the tool, the efficiency of the tool to produce great results in the terms of FAT Loss, body toning and increased cardiovascular fitness all in a short amount of time.
Corporate lifestyle is busy & stressful, we all need mental and physical wellbeing to work efficiently and produce great results for the company. Kettlebell training fits in the bracket nicely and has over delivered the results for clients.
Like Yoga, Zumba, or any other workout routine, Kettlebell has its unique training methods and it has to be very well guided by correct form and technique. Once you are aware of movement, breathing pattern, training program then you are all set to work out by YOURSELF at home. 
Coach Parag Mhetre is a Mechanical Engineer turned Strength & Conditioning coach. At the start of his career , Parag started working in USA as an engineer, that’s where he got exposed to Kettlebell for the first time. Following his passion , Parag quit the lucrative job and studied Kettlebell training in Chicago in 2011.
Since then , within India, he has completed taking over 400 workshops which is one of the unique achievements in the field of fitness  world.
Parag has conducted several corporate workshops which are motivational and engaging and his 45 minutes of lecture can help you understand use and training with Kettlebells with absolute clarity. Parag is a Coach to several CEOs, expats, celebrities who are using Kettlebells at home and training regularly for results.
He has conducted workshops in Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Hexaware, Bajaj Allianz, FIS to name the few. He was also called to deliver lecture in AIPT- Army Institute of Physical Training which was done in the presence of Brigadier Muralidharan. He has also lectured on fitness and Kettlebellls for various departments of police and firefighters.

What Can You Expect From Corporate Workshop?

Coach Parag is an expert in engaging audiences, most important he doesn’t just speak about Kettlebell training but he pickups up the subject from a fitness mindset. Working in corporate culture for 7 years and then starting the workshops, Parag helped hundreds of corporate people from all walks of life who many times struggle to lose weight or lose motivation with age.
Working for 10 hours efficiently becomes challenging with age, he will help you grow in fitness on an everyday basis.
45 minutes of power lecture is a FREE lecture conducted for corporate, just to understand how the Kettlebell workouts can fit in your routine, what nutritional changes you can make, and how you can become ultra-fit by deleting unwanted exercise and adding those workouts which make sense.
The workshop will consist of a demonstration, slide presentation, and lecture to help you understand the overall concept.

How Can I Sign Up For Corporate Workshop?

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EKFA Corporate Workshops FAQ'S

How much time is the Workshop?

Total time of the workshop is 45 mins and the Q&A is 15 mins. You can consider 1 hour of FREE demo & workshop.

How many members are required to attend the workshop?

It depends on the strength of the company; we usually conduct it for the masses. It can be 50-500. The lecture is for the masses, it is motivational and understanding the concept of training with Kettlebells.

Can we have an Online Corporate training program?

Yes, it’s feasible. You can get in touch with us for the same.

Do we have to arrange Kettlebells for the lecture?

NO! EKFA will arrange the equipment.

What will happen after 1 hour of the corporate lecture?

We can conduct regular Kettlebell batches within corporate or you can sign up for the online video-based programs.

What does Parag offer that others don’t, why should I sign him?

Parag Mhetre is the pioneer in the field of Kettlebell training in India. He has developed his own system of training mind and body and he is a self-coach with 100’s of hours of research in the field of Fitness and strength and conditioning. Working in corporate life in the USA and intensive travel in 20 states and several countries for teaching Kettlebells & strength and conditioning he is accountable for every important decision he makes for his clients when it comes to training & lectures. Parag has clients in the USA, East Africa, Dubai, Mumbai, and various locations and from all walks of life. He teaches you to be laser-focused on your fitness and the strategy which he implements is very unique and 100% result-oriented.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email on