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Holding the Kettlebells – Grip & its importance!

As you are getting hooked to Kettlebell lifting slowly, further small but important things in lifting can certainly enhance your performance.

We all encounter the drop in performance in doing any steady state kettlebell lifting OR even barbell lifting. For eg if you are doing swings or snatch, most often you will encounter lactic acid burning in forearm which makes set stop or even doing deadlift our grip gives up even though we are capable to perform that extra rep.

Holding the kettlebell, barbell is technique and which only gets refined the more you lift. Forearm muscles are small and its likely burn-out faster than any other part of body while lifting. Below description will give you the information of importance of holding the kettlebells right way to give performance enhancement.

The hook grip is to get a better grip on the handle but also to relieve some tension on your forearms, if you are experiencing, tight forearms or muscle soreness try switching to a hook grip instead holding the bells firmly.

 This is especially the case when just starting out with training and your forearms and fingers still need to be conditioned for workout before doing any long sets.

A closed hook grip for kettlebell lifters relieves some of the tension on the forearms and furthermore, it involves the index finger more in the grip.

Initially when you start hooking the bell, you will certainly come across discomfort but as your training gets adapted the discomfort goes away.

As a thumb rule remember during the eccentric contraction when the kettlebell drops below the hip change the grip to hook which relieves the tension on forearms.

High repetition swings or snatches with kettlebells with prescribed weights can produce tremendous results, but they can also be tough on your hands, in the form of blisters.

On other side exercise like Kettlebell press or turkish get-ups, and squats, which are high tension exercises and require a crush grip. Gripping is not much of issue in these lifts, however insertion of hand in the ring is important to keep wrist position straight to make full potential use of pressing movements or get ups.

Fig (A)

As shown in Fig B Kettlebells are inserted partially which puts excess stress on on forearm which is again the reason for grip failure. As shown in fig A insert the hand fully in the ring so the Kettlebells sit diagonally which is correct insertion and will allow the grip to perform longer sets.

Fig (B)

Following are key causes while lifting kettlebells:

  1. Trying to pull the kettlebell with your arm at the bottom of the swing rather than allowing the hips to create the force to lift the bells up in concentric contraction In other words, not using kettlebell momentum to move at the speed that allows for easy travel from bottom to top while performing snatch. In such cases, there is a lot of lactic acid formation in the forearms, which hampers the performance of the workout.
  2. Not using a hook grip to control the kettlebell in the swing, but instead try to keep the handle in the palm of your hand (center of your palm)
  3. While performing snatch or clean, more use of the center of the palm instead of finger flexors

Above are some possible causes that can be corrected by understanding the correct technique, which is mostly explained in certification courses or education training programs.

Just as we say every penny saved is every penny earned, similarly every rep done correctly is every rep earned by your body to make you stronger physically and mentally.

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