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EKFA Courses are India’s most popular Kettlebell Certification workshops designed by coach Parag Mhetre who is ranked Master Of Sport. With his decade of teaching experience in 20 states of India & lectures completed in UK, Singapore and Sri Lanka he has made the workshop really simple and easy to use for a coach or fitness enthusiast.
The online course will give you lifetime access for training. It's video based training and you learn the Kettlebells at a slow pace with lots of assignments. The premium course is not accessible on any other channel.

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What will I need before I start the course?

One Kettlebell – Women – 6 or 8kg, Men 12 or 16kg. If you have lower weight of Kettlebells you can still complete the course and you will be more aware of the correct weight to be used in the course.

Do I need any prior fitness background or fitness education ?

No, the course structure is moulded down to basic levels which is easy to understand and implement.

If I sign up will I get lifetime access?

Yes, you will also get access to any additional videos if uploaded- no extra cost

Shall I also get access to Thursday Technical Talk conducted on Thursdays by Parag Mhetre?

Yes, the entry is free and you will get Zoom link to connect if you enroll for the online course

If I do this online course will I still be able to attend the offline course?

Yes, you just have to pay a 50% fee for the offline course.

How many years is the certificate valid?

3 years from the date of exam.

Will you get CECs for the course?

Yes, but only when organised thru ACSM/ESA.

Will I be able to teach after completing this course ?

Yes you can start teaching Kettlebells once you clear the L1 exam.

Can I get whatsapp support on Kettlebell lifts?

Yes, you have to submit the video and you will get an answer within 24 hours

What is the difference between Video course and Live course ?

Video course or Web based course in recorded course and Live course is conducted by coach Live.

In how many days can I complete the Video course?

It takes 2 weeks – training alternate days to complete the course with instructions, as the course is most comprehensive.

Can I speak to Coach Parag after or during the course?

Yes you can book an appointment for 10 mins by sending email or whatsapp and can solve the queries or take guidance if any.

After finishing the course, how will I get participation or final certificates?

You have to drop the email or call on given numbers to get the certificate, You will get one online certificate and one printed version with registration number – courier to your residence (anywhere in the World)

If you have an access issue for the course or require any details please dont hesitate to call on below numbers or send email.

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Cell Phone : +91-902.208.5004

Whatsapp National/ International : +91-988. 113.0889
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