L1 Functional Training and Mobility Flow Workshop

Syllabus & Theory
Practical Training
  1. Understanding the term Functional training and theory behind it, know how of functional      training and connection with rehab and its start.
  2. Explanation of various planes and its relation with exercises. 
  3. Explanation of balanced workout in gyms with 3 different planes involved and it’s programming.
  4. Concept of foundation training with basic importance of joint mobility required for strength, Cross Fit or any endurance training.
  1. Different types of detailed joint mobility warm-ups and dynamic warm-ups.
  2. Joint Mobility flow pattern drills – All body weight
  3. Additional body weight dynamic training drills
  4. Posture correction drills using PVC pipe and mobility drills
  5. Kettlebell mobility workouts from functioning training stand point (workouts programs for beginners and drills for rehab)
  6. Yoga flow drills post practical session
Certificate (name printed), Manual given to each and videos shared post workshop.