WKSF India International trophy 2019

WKSF India International trophy 2019 / 6th EKFA Nationals was till date the most successful Kettlebell Competition in India. Participation of around 60 athletes across India with Russian IVAN Denisov (12 times world champion) to be part of the event.

We thank all participants across INDIA to be part of this super successful event. The event was held in BodyPower India in Mumbai from 11th to 13th Jan 2019. The event was powered by IN2 Nutrition.

WKSF INDIA 2019/ 6th National Kettlebell Championships


EKFA Kettlebell Sport are recognized in India for its standards and Quality of judging, adhering to inter- national rules and regulations. EKFA Games or Sport event are nonprofit events and is primarily used for “Kettlebell” promotion, so members get to know the tool used for fitness and sport.

State Kettlebell Sport Championships 2018

EKFA Games & sport are powered by Bodypower and IN2 Nutrition. Amateur category:

1 arm long cycle (push press allowed)

2 arm long cycle Snatch only Biathlon  

Amateur weight calculation (co-efficient method)

Weights used for men: 12/16kg. Weights used for women: 8/ 12kg Note: The 1st place and 2nd place is decided on the co-efficient system as per given formula for each weight category. Events: 1 arm long cycle, snatch only, 2 Arm LC Calculation: Kettlebell Co-efficent x reps / body weight. For eg, 1) Athlete weighing 70kgs, does snatch of 16kg kettlebell for 150 reps, so his calculation will be 6 (co-efficent score) x150/ 70 = 12.85 points. 2) Athlete weighing 70kgs, does long cycle 2x16kgs kettlebell for 50 reps , so his calculation will be (6+6, (co-efficient score))=12 x 50 / 70 = 8.57 points. For same weight category, so he can choose either to do 1 arm long cycle, 1 arm snatch or 2 arm LC based on his/ her fitness. All events are played for 10 mins only Events:


NO WEIGHT CATEGORY, Event based competition only Professional weight calculation:

Pure on score (reps done): in the terms of tie, lower body weight wins the event.

Weights used for men: 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg

Weights used for women: 12, 16kg, 20kg

Note: The 1st place and 2nd place is decided on reps athletes does in an event, In-case of tie, person with lower body weight get advantage.

Events for men: 2 arm Long cycle, snatch only & biathlon (jerk & snatch)/ 30 mins break in between.  

All events are played for 10 mins only,
Professional athletes can’t participate in Amateur events, although they can participate in multiple Pro events.


Events for women

1) 2 arm long cycle,

2) snatch only (single arm),

3) Biathlon (jerk/snatch),

4)1 arm long cycle (16kg and above)

Prizes Prizes are sponsored by IN2 Nutrition and Bodypower India. Certificate Tshirt and medal for each participant. Gold and silver medal for winners for 1st and 2nd place only.

Ranks :
As per rank table designed by EKFA, approved by WKSF (only Indian WKSF rank Table referred)
Note: If Less than 2 athletes in particular weight category, the weight category will be Merged

Weight Category


  • Upto 63kgs
  • Upto 68kgs
  • Upto 74kgs
  • Upto 80kgs
  • Upto 87kgs
  • Upto 95kgs
  • Upto 95kgss
  • Over 95kgs


  • Upto 52kgs
  • Upto 58kgs
  • Upto 65kgs
  • Upto 75kgs
  • Over 75kgs

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