• Intro to Kettlebells
  • Difference between Kettlebells and traditional weight training programs
Kettlebell swing
Kettlebell Clean
Kettlebell Press
  • 4 different types of swings
  • General benefits of swing for home makers, generic body builders, or sports specific training athletes
  • Kettlebell swing for rehab, step wise method to built strength and strengthen overall pelvic area and core muscles
  • Types of breathing
  • Detail explanation of rack position
  • Importance of rack position for core strength development
  • Breathing differences and its importance
  • Drills


GroupEx DRILL for combination of Swing + clean, to form a group workout program

  •  Detail level calculation for designing program for every individual
  • HR calculation for GPP /SPP
  • General difference between dumbell press and Kettlebell press
  • Method for effective KB press using compound movement of clean and rack
  • General usage for Kettlebell press for athletes with sports back ground
  • Drill with press

Yoga and general relaxation methods (Asthanga Yoga)

  • stretching
  •  Meditation techniques for relaxation and cool down


Dynamic warm up
Kettlebell push press
core workouts
Group discussion

Dynamic warm up with body weight mobility drills

  •  Kettlebell joint mobility workout
  • Difference between barbell and KB push press
  •  Use of push press for sports enhancement and general fitness
  •  Drills and programming using push press
  • Use of snatch for speed development.
  •  Grip endurance development.
  •  How snatch can be alternative for great cardio workout instead using treadmill or Cross trainer.
  • Drills and programming using snatch.
  • Low windmill
  • High windmill
  • Bottoms up press
  • Turkish get ups
  • Benefits of core workout and its implementation in regular fitness programs
  • Group discussion ( Q & A)
  • General exam (theory and practical)

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