Kettlebell L2

Day 1

  1. Understanding Girevoy sport
    • – Ranking table use, various organisation involved etc
  2. Tripod of Conditioning, various types of Energy systems.
  3. Double swing
    • – Thumbs up swing (hammer swing) – benefits and disadvantages and training methodologies for same.
    • – Prone grip swing – benefits and effective usage for long lifts, how to achieve depths, torso and hip flexor flexibility etc, drills etc discussed.
  4. Double Clean
    • – Racking position with 2 Kettlebells, illac crest racking and use of different breathing patterns to withstand load using less effort.
  5. Double Clean and Press
    • – Pressing is one of the important movement, clearly distinguishing between military press or barbell press and Kettlebell press.
    • – Importance of static strength using 2 Kettlebells, strengthening rotater cuff muscles using Kettlebells for use of dumbells and barbells etc
  6. Drills using 2 Kettlebells, form and technique correction and effective use of energy savings in long lasting drills and much more.
  7. YOGA

Day 2

  1. Body weight training drills (around 40 drills)
    • – To improve agility and mobility using BW
  2. Correction methodologies for squat depth, flexibility drills using therabands etc.
  3. Double Clean and Push press
    • – Use of 2 Kettlebells to improve vertical ground force
    • – Effective use of hips for force generation
    • – Sport specific drills
  4. Double Clean and Jerk (long cycle)
    • – Important competition lift discuss in details
    • – How effectively double knee dip helps push more heavier weight in vertical direction.
  5. Assistance drills
    • – Using Barbells and Kettlebells to enhance Kettlebell sport
  6. Programming using 2 Kettlebells
  7. Group discussion
  8. Exam (only practical)

Complete theory of every lift (swing, clean, press, push press and snatch) which includes detail level discussion of muscle group involved, type of contraction and further more details to understand use of correct exercise done in weeks program.
The course contains FREE Manual /DVD with programming for all. For venue details pls call our office number 7303382255

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