EKFA Kettlebell Games 2019 at BodyPower India was successful event with participants from all over the India. We choose the Strong MAN and Strong Women for year 2019.

Kettlebell Strong MAN 2019 – Pankaj Puri (Mumbai)

Kettlebell Strong Women 2019 – Dr Sandhaya Ahalwat (Indore)

Results from Kettlebell Strong men and women contest 2019


EKFA Kettlebell Games are recognized in India for its standards and Quality of judging.
EKFA Games or Sport event are nonprofit events and is primarily used for
“Kettlebell” promotion, so members get to know the tool used for fitness and sport.
EKFA Games & sport are powered by Bodypower and IN2 Nutrition.

Events for EKFA Games (total 4, 1 min break in between 1 game)

1. One arm kettlebell press ( total 2 mins) : Left 1 min, Right 1 min (one hand switch)
2. Duck Walk – 4 meters, as per space( Kettlebell overhead) – 1 min
3. Overhead kettlebell walk – elbow lockout completely
4. Farmers walk – 2 hand (1 min)

Women : 8 kgs/ 12kgs
Men : 16/20 kgs

Women : 16/ 20kgs
Men : 24 / 28 /32kgs

Weight category
Upto 65kgs
85kgs + open

Upto 60kgs
80+ open

Kettlebell Markings
8 kgs – 2 points
12kgs – 4 points
16 kgs – 6 points
20 kgs – 8 points
24 kgs – 10 points
28 kgs – 12 points
32 kgs – 14 points

Co-efficient system as per Kettlebell weight to be used for calculation
Each event is done for 1 min, press to be done per hand/ per min.

1.One arm kettlebell press ( only strict press), 1 hand each arm

  • Elbow lockout mandatory for every press
  • No knee jerk or dip allowed, if done will be considered “No rep”
  • Only one hand switch is allowed
  • No keeping bell on ground or gets disqualified for that round.

2.Duck walk ( KB on neck) – 1 min

  • Continues walk for 4-5 mts
  • Maximum no of rounds completed + the distance traveled will be considered total distance traveled.
  • If bells are dropped, or athlete stops, the last completed round will be considered.
  • No stop allowed during duck walk.

3.Overhead Kettlebell walk – 1 min

  • Elbows locked out, bend elbows 1st warning, 2nd disqualified.
  • If kettlebells are dropped in between, the total distance traveled will be considered, no stoppage allowed for 1 min drill.

4.Farmers walk – 1 mins

  • 4-5 mts walk
  • Number of rounds completed + the distance traveled will be considered total distance traveled

Note : The total weight lifted (in kgs) by athlete (combining 4 events) will be reflected on website. The person lifting maximum weight in particular weight category is will be Kettlebell Strong man or women for 2018 in state competition. Jan 2019 – EKFA Kettlebell Games is open competition.

Note : If Less than 2 athletes in particular weight category, the weight category will be merged.

Prizes :

Prizes are sponsored by IN2 Nutrition and Bodypower India.
Certificate Tshirt and medal for each participant.
Gold (EKFA Kettlebell strong man/ women title) and silver medal for winners for 1st and 2nd place only.

For any enquiry or details, pl email to info@ekfa.in or surendra.ekfa@gmail.com or you can call on 7303382255