EKFA Corporate

Traditionally, vcialis 40mg business have looked towards process improvement to increase productivity. Now there is evidence to demonstrate a direct link between health of your company employee and their productivity.

Founders of EKFA have over 10 years of experience in India and overseas, being a pioneers in Kettlebell and Functional training.

What is EKFA Corporate?

We conduct 45 mins of FREE lecture within corporate for employees, to help them understand Kettlebell workouts. We have proven track record with over 2500 clients nation wide and their testimonials that in short amount of time, in less space, people get amazing benefits with Kettlebell training. We have mentioned the use of Kettlebells, our clients and experience on website.

45 minutes of FREE lecture will give insight of training and further paid 2 days (eve or morning time- 3 hrs each day) will teach lifting, training and individual programming with Kettlebells done at home or gym to benefit health in various aspects.

For practical exercise session following place can be used:

  • Canteen facility
  • Conference room
  • Parking lab
  • Terrace
  • Office Garden

EKFA Corporate Seminars/ Workshops/ Events: