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The trusted name in Fitness industry, EKFA with PAN India presence is India’s first premium Kettlebell training academy certifying trainers to be a Certified Kettlebell Instructor. We take privilege to offer courses in vernacular mediums like Hindi, order Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada and English.
Master trainers teach in local language to make things easy to understand.

  • Affiliated to

    International Union Of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL)

  • World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs (WAKSC)
  • Recognized by

    American College of Sports Medicine, USA (ACSM)

WHY YOU SHOULD DO COURSES FROM EKFA AND how it will benefit you?
  • The first pioneer organization (School of Kettlebell) in India to start teaching Kettlebells across PAN India (Est 2011), Head coach Parag Mhetre also is first person in India to introduce Kettlebells with completion of highest level certifications from all over the World.
    • – Ketacademy Level 3 from Saint Petersburg, Russia, May 2017
    • – IKFF Level 2 from Athens Greece, Feb 2012
    • – WKC Level 1 from Chicago USA, June 2011
  • With several accolades all over the World in Kettlebell sport competitions, Parag Mhetre created history in the books of Kettlebell sport to become first Indian and Asian to Bag Bronze medal for India at IUKL World Kettlebell Championships in Biathlon event at Aktobe, Kazkasthan Oct 2016.
  • Parag is first Indian and 4th Asian to achieve CMS (Candidate for master of sports) ranking in OKC Japan Open Kettlebell Championships at Tokyo, Oct 2015.
  • With over 200 workshops conducted PAN India and 3 countries, we have educated thousands of personal trainers, sports enthusiasts. Our syllabus consist of complete detail level theory and practicals which are conducted using local language in every state of India, we specialize in Kettlebell training and its programming with through calculations need for lifting and improving performance for every individual.

Prerana foundation is part of EKFA (Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy) and is registered NGO.

Prerana foundation was founded by coach Parag Mhetre simultaneously when EKFA was founded.

EKFA mission through Prerana foundation is to improve the lives of children who are underprivileged, helping out girl child for education as a primary motive. We help donate books, and other basic need of education, includes school fees and clothes etc.

As you sign the EKFA workshop you automatically donate some percentage of your fees to Prerana foundation. Apart from that once you buy our DVDs / books the complete amount is donated to NGO.

If you also further want to donate money or want more info you can visit

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